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I've been married for over 3 years and all I can say is that having everyone you love all in one place celebrating is priceless. While filming your wedding day I capture everything as it unfolds with a hint of stress-free creative poses. You'll have a wedding film with everyone you love, on a day you can relive and remember for years to come.

Brian the Orlando Wedding videographer

"...I absolutely love it, it's amazing! you are so talented!"

Chloe & Nick

Husband of a beautiful wife and father of a baby boy.

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about me

A few things about me: As of 2023, I am in my twenties and have been married to my beautiful wife for over 3 years. On February 2023, My wife and I had one of the biggest blessings join our life. Our son, Noah. Usually if you don't find us three at church then you'll find us hanging out with family and friends.

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We've known each other for about 5 years! Funny thing is that we met at the first wedding I filmed. You just never know, you know? Fast forward a few years and we got married March 14, 2020 and on March 15 everything shut down due to Covid-19. Our honeymoon cancelled and the whole world shut down. Yeah, I know... rough. Most of our vendors told us that we were the last wedding they served till things opened up again. Now, it's just the three of us living our best life!

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Planning your big day involves making many important decisions, and one of the crucial choices is finding vendors that you can trust. This link will help you find vendors that will make your wedding day even better!

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I know there's probably a lot going on right now. I get it. My wife and I have been there. Trying to get everything perfect and in order. I'm here to let you know that everything is going to be okay! I'll help you with any questions and guide you through the best day of your life. So lets chat, fill out this form and I'll get back to you very soon. I can't wait to get to know your story!

Brian the Orlando Wedding videographer